Tree Planting

Fall is the perfect time to work on any yard’s landscaping. The temperatures are cooling, the leaves are changing, and winter is right around the corner. If you’re hoping to expand your tree line with privacy screens, now is the ideal time to get your trees in the ground.

Aside from the beauty that comes from planting new trees and shrubs to fill out a yard, privacy tree screens are a great way to create a friendly curtain between neighbors. Tennessee tree screens are typically evergreens, and in Tennessee, we see three primary evergreens: Green Giant, Japanese Cedar, and Lelyand Cyprus. All three make excellent screens, and can enhance the luster and value of any yard.

Why is now the time to get these evergreens planted? While we’ve experienced a few frosts this autumn with many plants going dormant for winter, we have soils that are warm and rich enough for ideal root growth. This root growth is optimal, and it means that while it’s cooler up top, down below the trees’ roots will get enough water over the coming months so they are ready when the heat of spring and summer arrive. Trees not only survive when planted in autumn, they thrive.

Why are root conditions so important? Often when you dig up trees or shrubs, part of their roots are removed, causing stress to the plant. Because of the cooler days, it also means less wear on the roots of the trees as they are transplanted from yard to yard. When you plant the trees in fall, the texture of the soil is fertile and the lack of intense heat means plenty of water is available to keep those roots expanding.

If you’re considering a privacy screen, or adding new trees to your yard this year, fall is the perfect time for all of your tree planting needs.