Fall Planting

Fall is in full swing, and if you’re looking to the future of your lawn care and garden, now is the time to get your plants in the ground. Much as you invest in the interior of your home, it’s a great time to decide how you want to invest in the exterior. Choosing gorgeous shrubbery, trees, and plants is one clear way to increase value and enhance curb appeal. When it comes to fall planting, now is the time.

Autumn means that any perennial plant that will bloom come spring should be planted today. Perennial plants – any plant that lives throughout the winter months and grows in the spring – are a smart investment for any home.

What’s the most important decision you can make when adding your perennials? It’s not the type of bulb or shrub or even the size of tree. It’s making sure you transplant them in the fall.

While annuals die out at the end of their growing season, when you transplant and plant a perennial, it’s root system must re-establish itself in the broken soil so it can survive, grow, and thrive come the warmer months. Why is fall so important? Because plants use the fall and winter months to further develop and cultivate their root systems. By doing so, it survives the winter months and will go on to thrive in the spring.

This makes autumn the perfect time of year for fertilizing and planting new plants. Moisture in the Tennessee ground is conducive for optimum growth come fall. You need far less water than you would in the dryer spring and summer months.